The Daily Routine

The Cattery opens at 8am each and every day. Each cat has breakfast and then each pen is thoroughly cleaned. Whilst each pen is being cleaned the occupant has a free run of the corridor to explore and meet some of his fellow residents – The cats are NEVER allowed to mix directly with one another.

After the daily clean, and all incoming & outgoing cats have arrived / departed they are left to relax with classical music quietly playing.

The cats are fed and watered again in the evening before settling down for the night, with a little treat   – they are on holiday after all!


We carry both Felix & Whiskers wet food, in a variety of flavours (Please let us know your cats preferences when dropping them off). Also Omega dry food in 2 flavours and a multi mix dry food. If your cat is on a special diet, we ask that you bring enough for their stay. This includes kitten or senior food.

Your cat will obviously miss you whilst you are away and some cats may lose their appetite as a result. In this event we have lots of yummy things, from tuna to roast chicken to encourage them to regain their appetites.


We provide all bedding to keep your cat cosy during their stay, but we do encourage you to bring their favourite blanket or toy to remind them of home whilst you are away.

Special Requirements

We cater for a broad range of special requirements. If for any reason your cat should be on medication, of any kind, we are able to continue their medication during their stay. Anything from insulin injections for diabetics, to a routine worming tablet. This is no additional charge for administering medicines. Please telephone to discuss any special requirements your cat has. All cats are groomed regularly.


When you bring your cat in we ask for alternative contact numbers, as well as your vets details, in case we are unable to get hold of you on your travels. In the event of an emergency we will make every effort to contact you, but will take your cat to your vet without delay. If for any reason we are unable to contact your own vet, we will use “Mid Sussex Veterinary Practice” – who are based in the same farmyard only a few feet away